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It Flows (Original)

It Flows (Original)

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It Flows


Whether or not you’re placing art in your living room, bedroom, or a hallway wall desperately in need of a little bit of color, there’s just something about an original abstract painting by Aga Boho Creations that makes your heart skip a beat. Perhaps it’s the softness and warmth you get from looking at venus fly traps. Whatever it is, this artwork is sure to add some excitement to your home!


Aga is an abstract expressionism artist who is inspired by her childhood in Poland and life in New Jersey. She loves to use bright colors, incorporating texture and creating pieces that make people feel happy. Her art is often based on her own experiences, and she enjoys capturing moments from her life in a way that others can appreciate.

Aga’s art is a reflection of her life, and it’s clear that she puts a lot of herself into her work. She’s an amazing artist, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her pieces. 


All original paintings by Aga are done on a stretched canvas, and are signed and dated on the back. Please include your phone number at checkout. 


Medium: Mixed medium on canvas.

Measures: 24"w x 48"h

Please note that shipping is not included in the price of this piece and will be invoiced post purchase, thank you.

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