The Story of Aga Boho Creations

Hello there! I’m Aga and together with my daughter we’re the magic behind what is AgaBohoCreations. My entire life I’ve been told that I’m an artist, but it wasn’t until just a few years ago that discovered my absolute love of furniture painting. Since then it has become more than a passion project, it’s become my life! I’m a mother of two, a world traveler, a cancer survivor, and just someone who is happy to have found their calling in life. I love to create and inspire others through my art in the same way that others inspire me. I create eclectic, one-of-a-kind pieces and l enjoy teaching others how to do the same! Art is for everyone and at any stage, and I hope we’ll grow together. 

Aga's art and furniture is boho-grunge, dark when it wants to be, but always bold and always featuring amazing pops of color. It's experimental and nonconformist, and she rarely does what anyone expects when it comes to her furniture. Rich, colorful, dramatic, and exceedingly eccentric, her pieces are as quirky and out there as she is. Aga is in your face, and her furniture makes no exception.


Original Wall Art