Neon Yellow Vintage Armoire -- This early 19th-century armoire now has the ultimate new life now that it’s been married with stunning, and bold modern neon. It’s the best of two worlds, and the pops of gorgeous yellow and blue neon make this stand out like no other. It is truly a statement piece. Now available for purchase online with shipping throughout the continental US.




73”h x 41”w x 21”d


Products used:





- We CANNOT deliver to Alaska and Hawaii when it comes to most pieces. The price listed here does not apply to those states, and if interested in shipping to AK or HI, please reach out prior to purchase.



Please note that the estimated time to leave our studio is 2-4 weeks. This can vary slightly depending on the delivery companies that we use and their schedule. From purchase, you should have your piece in your home in 3-4 weeks. Again, this might vary depending on weather, holidays, etc!


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Neon Yellow Vintage Armoire