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Life is not about the things you own but about all the experiences and memories you create with them. Repurposing, refinishing, repainting, recreating all those words mean one thing to me. Bringing life back to pieces that used to shine in someone's else's life.

Your hands on this old sofa, touching and embracing worn off fabric, the fragrance of old leather chairs,  smell of gaming tables, cupboards full of delicate cinnamon air. Crystals, and silk, and the beautiful stories they carry with them.

I love the smell of all books. The smell of old furniture, especially large armoires full of treasures.  It brings so many memories. My grandmother Irena armoire is one of those pieces I try to recreate again and again.  Missing her gives me so much inspiration for my work.

I love to wander through flea market stalls and navigate the narrow aisles of antique stores,  searching for whatever would catch my eye. I never have enough time there. I want more and more. I am drawn to furniture and architectural elements, colorful fabrics, and glass that show the effects of time.

Faded, distressed, tarnished. I connect emotionally with them as soon as I lay my eye on them,  touch them and smell them. When we bring those finds from the past into our home we connect with the stories they carry, the people who created and used them daily. It is natural energy I carry from my grandparents, parents, and hope I gave it to my children as well. Art, history, life and stories,  colors, books, and wonderful tastes from all over the world is my passion I would like to bring to you.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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