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There are some things in life that can't be rushed, no shortcuts taken. And furniture painting is one of those things, it can't ever be ready in a flash. Of course, it all depends on skill and time; someone can refinish a piece in a single day, but it usually takes me several days or even a couple of weeks. So, is it worth having a repurposed armoire, sofa, or any other household item? It takes a lot of time and work, and after all, you can buy a ready-made new piece in the store and it will only take you a minute.

My motto is... always!

So let's talk about painting light colors today. One of my greatest challenges is painting white, I've truthfully always found it the most difficult color when it comes to my furniture.

Can furniture be painted white?

No other subject does evoke as much emotion in the furniture painting process as white paint. When my daughter ran a furniture and paint shop, all the white and light colors were the ones that sold the best. So, on the one hand, she had the specific needs of customers who bought white paint to paint their furniture, and on the other hand, had long discussions on Facebook groups entitled “How can furniture be painted white?"

So really, it doesn't surprise me at all. In my own very humble opinion, white painted furniture results (from among other things) from a tradition that many of us and our parents know and remember from our family homes. White kitchen cupboards at my grandmother's house is a memory that I -- and many other people have in mind. I think that white is associated with cleanliness, neatness, and elegance. And in my opinion, white furniture brightens the interior of the rooms that they dress. I also associate white furniture with the still very popular Scandinavian style of interior design. But it's so not me!! But because of all of these things, painting white is and always will be a challenge for me, so that being said -- let's paint white!

A couple of years ago one of my customers asked me to paint her little round table white. I spoke with her recently and she happily told me that the table and paint are still holding well. The preparation of this piece of furniture for painting consisted of a thorough washing and degreasing at the same time. I did not have to grind or matte the table surface, because it did not have a slippery coating that would hinder the adhesion of paint to furniture.

But let's start from the beginning :

How to prepare furniture for painting?

Before painting, I like to wash the furniture with DixieBelle White Lightning, which is a kind of cleaner. I mix the white powder in water and wash the mixture with a dish sponge and scrub the surface of the furniture before painting. Then, I wash the surface with clean water and wipe it dry. I try to do it thoroughly and quickly, so as not to wet the wood, and if I fail, because it happens in different ways (because sometimes you have to scrub the furniture properly and several times), before painting I wait until everything is dry.

Now the next question:

What to paint furniture with?

I painted this table with DixieBelle paint in Fluff, which I had in my daughter's store at the time. Two layers of white paint were enough to make the table white and without any gaps, but underneath the white paint, I put another layer of primer, DixieBelle Boss. It is almost like paint, also has a white undercoat, perfect as an intermediate layer when painting a dark piece of furniture white.

How many layers of paint do you need to paint white?

It very much depends on the quality of the paint we paint the furniture with. In the case of DixieBelle two or three layers were enough to paint a dark piece of furniture white, but I remember from the stories of my customers that I saw in the store. It happened that they bought paints from other brands before and sometimes they had to put even six layers of paint to get pure white on the furniture, which is not a good solution. With so many layers of paint, there is a high risk that the paint will start to flake off unexpectedly in different places and the effect of the painting will be nullified.

How to protect mineral paint?

If the surface of a white-painted piece of furniture is to be heavily used, it is worth considering whether it is worth, for example, to varnish the tabletop. I did not varnish this table, there was no such need, but if I did, I would use the topcoat of the same company whose furniture paint I chose, DixieBelle in this case. This is always the safest option - use one company's products throughout the entire project. Companies that produce paints for painting furniture usually also offer topcoats for their paints. Different topcoats can give a different finish - matte, semi-matte, satin, etc. - so there is a lot to choose from depending on your own personal preference. DixieBelle offers also a waterproof one call Gatorhide which now I use very often.

Are you planning to paint your furniture white?

If you have any questions about painting in white - remember, you can always write me a message and I will try to help you.

Best regards and good luck.


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