Frequently asked questions

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Unfortunetly we do not accept returns or exchanges on furniture, artwork, home decor, WoodUbend moldings, or Mint papers. If you have an issue with your order, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

What is your shipping policy?

For furniture: Shipping is not included in the price of pieces. We ship our furniture using white glove shipping companies to deliver our furniture to ensure they get to you in the safest possible manner. As such, shipping varies depending on location, but is estimated between $300-$500 depending on size, and your location. We're located in NJ, so please keep that in mind! We will invoice you post purchase and it must be paid for your item to be picked up. Please note that the estimated time to leave our studio is 2-4 weeks. This can vary slightly depending on the delivery companies that we use and their schedule. From purchase, you should have your piece in your home in 3-4 weeks. Again, this might vary depending on weather, holidays, etc! Local pickup in Linden, New Jersey available. For artwork: Shipping is not included in the price of original artwork. Shipping costs will be invoiced post purchase and must be paid prior to delivery. Due to shipping size requirments, some canvas's must be crated to avoid damage at an additional cost. Pieces over 40" long will require freight shipping. Size Ground Shipping 8x8 - 11x14 $100 16x20 - 20x24 $200 24x36 $250 Sizes over 24x36 will be determined $250+

Can I cancel my order?

If looking to cancel an order, please reach out as soon as possible. Orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours, and orders such as furniture or original artwork will include a 15% restocking fee.

How do I follow your work?

First of all, thank you for your interest! If you'd like to follow along with Aga as she continues to paint, check out our various social media below and be sure to subscribe! Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: